Language Learning Methods

Welcome to! is about learning and teaching languages with pleasure and passion.

At this site we like to share our enthousiasm for TPRS en TPR. We are a small Dutch company, specialized in TPRS, TPR and Multiple Intelligences (MI). Of course MI is not a language learning method, but basing your lessons on MI can make your language-teaching more profound.

TPRS gives information about language learning in a natural and pleasant way. Taken into account is the way our brain acquires language.
By doing so, this results in:

  • effective language acquisition in the short term
  • lasting results in the long term
  • lots of fun while teaching and learning

Teaching and learning with TPR and TPRS makes teaching pleasant and relaxed.
Together with the feeling of success this results in highly motivated and involved students and teachers.

TPR Storytelling uses the power of stories and TPR uses the power of acting physically.

TPR Storytelling and TPR address several intelligences (Multiple Intelligences).
Addressing multiple intelligences / senses means:

  • reaching all students (also the "lower" levels!)
  • lots of fun teaching and learning
  • high level of efficiency

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* TPRS Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling is a trademark of Blaine Ray and is used here with his permission.
TPR - Total Physical Response - is a trademark of James J. Asher.